AI tools

Technology has always been on the fast pace. It is no wonder that we are now creating better AI tools than ever before. We have curated a list of 10 insane AI tools that will take your breath away. These tools have been shortlisted for certain reason which we will explain going forward.

1.Face Swap -Make production quality face swaps

Have you ever used photoshop or any other photo editing software then you must know how tiresome it is to make any kind of changes especially of you are not an expert. Also an Expert takes a lot of time to make any kind of changes.

Well don’t worry AI Tools is here for this FaceSwap has just the same. Make production-quality face swaps. Not only does it does the task it does it with quality and precision. Simply drop you image and see the magic unfold.

2.Paraphrase and write like a pro

Spinbot is a great tool to have and work with. This is used for Article Spinning ,Content Creation, Text Rewriting. This simple AI tool is easy to use and yet very effective tools works very well. All you need to do is simply enter what article you like to spin and it will re-write the complete article for you with any grammar error or mistakes and that to a very unique content.

3.Draw like a Pro

Do you have trouble making pictures and have struggled a lot. Well AI tool is here to help. This amazing tool will do the job for you in no time and that to with ease. Autodraw is simple to use just select the auto draw on the left pane and start to draw what you have in mind. Even if you are not getting it perfect do not worry.

AI will give all the suggestions on the top of the page that it thinks is right. You can select from there and wallah. We are all go to run the show.

4.Train a computer to recognize anything

Have you ever tried to make a machine to talk to you and understand your words to it? Well if not you can do now with this awesome tool teachablemachine . It is a machine learning tool for your models so that you can then use them for your own projects on other platforms. Any machine that knows java will do great and it can be used on like Glitch, P5.js, Node.js & more.

This tools is for any one who know nothing about machine learning skills. You can be an innovator ,student, artist, educator etc.

5.Generate People Faces

Have you evry woundered that face that you alsways dream of and imgaine if you could have it on your system for a project.Well gone are the days of think it all about doing it and doing it right this great people face genrator AI tool is all you need.

Not only can you get face of people that do not exist you can use them as well in your project with put ever worrying about whether that kind of person is there or not.

6. AI Art Generator

Are you aware of art work by Jason M Allen via Midjourney. If so then you probably know the power of AI. It can be so realistic that you cannot differentiate the difference. The art is so topnotch. This AI Art Generator tool is on the top of the list with a series.

Stable Difussion – This is a next generation tool that helps to build images from text.Yes that is right.

DALLE 2 – This is an OpenAi advanced text to image algorith that creats stunning images.

Coherent – This Clip- Guided Diffusion tools has more control and better compostition than the Artist.

Artistic- VQDAN + Clip helps build very beautiful images from the text prompt.

You can use the free trial version to see how it works and then proceed from their as you go along your journey.

7.Human like Voice Overs

Do you struggle with voice over or think that someone elses voice would suit better in the making of your audio or video files. Then here is a very interesting AI tool for human like voice overs

With this AI tool you can within seconds do the following task to covert from-

Text to speed
Speech to Speech
Neural Audio Editing
Language Dubbing

8.Enhance Blurry photos

This is so common that it had to be addressed. Every one has faced this problem while upload image on their websites or on other socail mediam platform that the images are blurry and they need to notch photograph.So how do you achiev this. Well AI tool is here to help. This tools will Enchance Blurry photos is no time.

Simply upload the image that you wants to be worked on and there you are all set up seconds. You can use it for batch processing as well.

All said and done people often as what’s the purpose of using AI tools and how it is going to benefit me or my company.

Well for starter’s you will save a lot of time and effort.

We have a article on How to start a blog, just imagine you setting up everything. The time it will take. But of you have these handy tools all you work would be done at half the time. So you are in a win win situation.

Using the spin article AI tool you can achieve article writing in minutes, this will rewrite the whole articles in minutes for you to publish.

If you need images for your website then you can generator your own image using the AI Draw tool. with photo generator you can create your own image of choice that you like as well. All which used to take hours to build or you needed to hire some professional to do that task at additional cots will all be down.

If you need help with Art we have the AI art generator.

If you have a link to some social site that has video for user experience but are afraid for voice over or for the additional amount of cost you have to incur to do this is now a thing of the past.AI voice over tools will help you in this you can achieve text to speech or you can even change the speech and tones as per your wish at the click of a button.