Amazon Affiliate

With more and more people joining the bandwagon, don’t be left behind. Did you know that Amazon has about 300 million active users ad over 2.0 million selling partners worldwide.That is so Awesome. Amazon is #1 Top Shopping Website. More and more sellers are joining in so don’t be left behind in making and learning to stay ahead from the rest.Become an Amazon Affiliate right now.

Before we dive right in let us see the topic we will cover in this article on how to be a great amazon associate .


In case you still are unaware on how to start a blog to promote these affiliate links check on How to start a blog where you learn from everything from starting till the end.

What is the Amazon Associates program?

If you know what affiliates are then its quiets easy for you. Any one who joins the amazon affiliate program becomes and Amazon Associates. The program is free to join and any one can join in but their are certain criteria one has to full-fill to be accepted into the program.

We will go over this in the next topic which will over all the steps on how to make an affiliate account and what are the requirement to be accepted into the program.

Don’t worry if you still have not created a blog or a design a website.We will cover each and every topic to get you started.

How to make affiliate account on amazon?

Almost every one has bought product online form Amazon sometime or the other and also checked on the offers that they run on each and every occasion. Well look no further half of your task is done and are all set to go..

In case you don’t have an Account then you need to make and account with Amazon. Now remember depending where you are located the associates program link vary. So simply go to your search engine and type in amazon associate program in the search box and simply login to the amazon associate program.

Amazon Associates

Why we have different links to associates program?Well because the commission rate vary accordingly.But don’t worry we will let you know how to sell products in your country as well be able to sell products worldwide using the different store front linking.

Once signed in simply fill in the required form about your website or if you own an app.In case you don’t own a website you can link to your other social account such as facebook or youtube.

After that simply enter your Store name that you would like and we are set to go.

Once all the details are filled you will have access to the links after approval.

How does amazon referral work?

Like other affiliate links amazon affiliate links that you promote on your website or on mobile app work in the same way. Link clicked by the user will qualify only once the buyer makes the complete journey till the payment.

All the referral commission will be transferred directly to your account after the 60 days completion. You can choose to get gift card or check to be dropped by mail as well.

But remember, you get get commission only for qualifying sales and any cancellation on the way to shipment doesn’t qualify. Also if any return is made then the commission is deducted as well.

All products are categorised and you will receive different commission for different item. Check the commission rate chart.

There is more then one way of sharing links in amazon .Lets take a look at the main amazon page where you have selected a product that you want to share and get the commission for.

Amazon Site Stripe

Once any product is selected you will see three option highlighted on the SiteStripe. The SiteStripe is an amazon tool which helps to qucikly create the affiliate links which we can share.

You can choose Text or Image or Text +Image.

The other way to share links and banner is from the amazon associates page. One logged into this you can directly go under Product linking .Under this you have various linking option of banner searching for products with their unique ID (ASIN) for Direct product linking or you could do under product linking and link to any page which is much more versatile.

amazon link to any page

Commission for amazon affiliate?

Depending where you are located amazon will have different rate card for all. You can check the commission offered n your country by going to the help menu in the amazon associates and check the rates offered in your country.