The top Best Blog Monetization Platforms bloggers may use to generate income from their websites, consist of affiliate networks, partnership programmes, display networks for banner ads, blog promotion deals, etc. We have ranked the advertising networks based on their performance and popularity.

Find below the list created for your convenience and the listing is random.

1. Google Adsense

A platform for monetizing blogs that is used to show advertisements is Google AdSense. Publishers can use this tool to sustain, a lot by placing Google AdSense advertisements on their blogs. It is among the most well-liked and dependable methods for blogging. You can apply for an Adsense account once your site has attracted some traffic and 50 posts worth of original content. It usually takes two weeks for approval or rejection. Fortunately, you can reapply after being rejected.This is the best ad monetization in the market.

2. Amazon Associates

A Name that comes on every mouth when you talk about monetizing platform. It is one of the simplest to get into. Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate links and buys a product you get the respective commission associated with it. One of the most used ad monetization and even ad monetization platform.

3. Taboola

This is an platform where it recognises the post content and shows ads to the viewer which are related to him. instead of showing him unrelated products it has content that relates to the user needs. The Ads are generally shown after the post.

4. Shareasale

One of the fastest growing affiliate marketing program where in you will get thousand of products from the merchant which you can promote and sell. As a blogger do note all the products listed are not pre-approved.For some you need to get approval before they go ahead and give you the permission to promote their products.

5. Clickbank

One of the pioneer and the oldest player in the business. This platform is very easy to use and has very simple interface to use. You can directly get access to tons of products and mostly all of them are pre-approved with some exception for monetization.

6. JVZoo

Another great platform for affiliates. Especially for those who are into software this is a great platform with new release and launch dates mentioned. You need to get permission beforehand so that you can promote the products.

7. MaxBounty

One of the best and one of the toughest to get into. All the above are easy to join and get accepted but a few get access to MaxBounty. It has great products for affiliates and a good payout system as well.