Start a Blog

If you are looking to start a blog, the first thing you need to get straight is your mindset .

Pablo Picasso once said that “Action is the Foundational Key to All Success.”

You need to have a passion for that particular Niche you want to work on. Only if you are passionate enough, will you achieve all the wonders that you have dreamt about.

Steps to Blogging

  1. Get a Blog Name
  2. Choose your Niche
  3. Buy a Domain Name and blog hosting
  4. Guidelines for writing blog
  5. Design blog using wordpress
  6. Publish
  7. Promote

1.Get a Blog Name

The first thing you need to get is a blog name.

If you already have one in mind KUDOS!.

Don’t be disheartened if you are still in a dilemma “How to choose a blog name”? There are many websites on the Internet that provide you help with choosing a blog name for your website.

Before you proceed if you have passion for something and have knowledge on it. Start your blog on it.

If not and you just want to start writing on stuff that is profitable then look for keyword that are profitable to write on.

2.How to Start a Blog with the Perfect Niche-

Choosing a blogging name starts with getting the idea out of your head and printing it on a website which you are going to do in a moment. But first you need a category on which you want to write upon. If you have already something in mind great. However if you can’t come up with something that interests you, no need to worry. I am here to guide and help you all the way.

Look at some of the broad categories listed below –

· Photography

· Travel

· Food and Recipes

· Parenting

· Fashion

· Fitness

· Beauty

· Writing

· Personal Finance

· Lifestyle

· Entertainment

· Environment

· Internet Marketing


· Personal development

· Career development and job search

· Entrepreneurship

· Side Hustle

· Investing


· Natural living

· Sustainability

· Female empowerment

· Coding

· Sport

The above list will help you start your blog.

However you will only have success when you dig deep into these categories.

For example- if I select sports, there are about 8000 and more to choose from. Are you ready to write on each and every topic? The answer is a big NO. This could be only possible if you have the team of bloggers. If that is the case then select any particular topics and write on it.

However, as you are an individual blogger you need to select a particular sports .That also,which has a good fan following. But there is a downside to it.

If you select sports, which is targeted globally like soccer there are tons of bloggers already working on it. This will leave you biting the dust. You will be left behind in the crowd nowhere to be found.

How do I Stand out in this crowd?

The answer is very simple yet complicated.

Try and search soccer right now in Google – Do you see how many search results it post up per milliseconds.

How to Start a Blog

These are the number of websites you will need to compete against to be among the top 10 on the first page.

So is there no hope for us to rank when I start a blog?

Wait, just keep reading and you will know the tricks.

Now check the name of local Sports played in your locality.

How to Start a Blog

Do you see the difference and the number of search result it pulls up?

This is the magic of choosing a topic which will help you stand out of the crowd. This topic would be much easier for you to work on. It would be much easier for you to rank as well. The people who come on these website are their loyal fans.

Now understanding more about micro niche.

Micro Niche –

Micro Niche is nothing more than grinding down your broader chosen category into finer granules.

Let us take an example-

The most popular hobby the world over which people follow is gardening. Again if you search it in Google, we will see how many pages there are already on the internet. But if you try to break it down into subcategories then you will see how fine the search result turns out to be.

How to Start a Blog

For example- Root Slayer trowel, if you search for this term you would see drastic decrease in the number of search result and the page available on the website.

How to Start a Blog

Once you have selected the topic of your interest and narrowed it down to something which interests you. Now you need to present that idea to your audience. This is only possible by creating a website for them to visit.

3. So how do I create a website?

For setting up a website to start a blog, you need to have a web hoster that would host your particular website. Web hoster are companies that allow you to create a web page on the internet.

Following are some of the web hosting companies that can help you in achieving you are ultimate goal.

· DreamHost

· BlueHost

· Hostinger

· Namecheap

The success of your blog will now depend on your interest.

Why I am saying this, because most of the blogger fail to have success as they quit in the first 3 – 6 months of creating the website.

Pablo Picasso – “Action is the Foundational Key to All Success.”

So before you make a decision to buy the hosting plan. Clear your mind of all the doubts you have. If you want to commit, I would recommend you to select a PLAN that is at least 6 months or more (If the web hosting is categorised month wise ) or if it is categories in other way chose a PLAN which meets the above criteria or which best suits your budget.

Act now for the Early Bird gets the worm.

Get a Website set up right now. For that you will need a web and Domain hosting.

What is Domain Hosting

Are you familiar with, ,

If so you already know about domains. Selecting a domain for you blog will give it an address which will direct people to your page. The domain name provide you a global address which any one can have access to.

Depending in which domain you choose to create your blog the price may vary for Domain provider to Domain provider. The Domain name can be purchased from your web hoster.

When purchasing your domain name choose wisely, the Web Hosting will also provide you with the Domain Hosting.,.uk,.ca,.au

A word of advice – Try to choose a name related to your Niche.

If you are not able to get a name in your domain , no need to worry. It is just an added advantage. Just make sure that you have a great content and work dedicatedly towards your work.

History has shown that people with odd blog name have been able to dig gold ..because of their content .

4. Blog writing Guidelines

Here are some basic guidelines that one needs to follow when writing a blog. These guidelines are simple rules to make an article effective. If you follow these guidelines no matter where you write and what you write it is always going to be right.

Majority of the audience base in any part of the world, when reading your article would develop an interest not because of what you’re write but the way you are write.

General guideline is always recommends to be courteous towards your visitors who come to your blog for knowledge, information, guidance… It is recommended not to use colourful language.

You can always begin your blog by stating some known facts which the majority of your audience has no information about.

Provide them statistical information that would capture their imagination.

Since time in memorial people have always used famous quotes to begin their speech. But makes sure that the quotes need to be in accordance with your topic.

You can always use jokes or humours to convey a point but make sure that these jokes are not as we call it” dark ok jokes”, internet is a small world.

You never know what you write? is going to draw a negative publicity for you.

Publicity though, both negative and positive is good. But negative publicity for you is bad because your page might get banned and be listed in the Blacklisted websites.

Now that you have decided to write you first blog.

Make sure that you are clear in your head what you want to achieve and what you want your readers to know about that blog?

You need to make sure that the blog that you are writing is there for a reason. It is there because it is something that interests you.

The user has come to your web page because he has the same interest.

Some question you should ask yourself before you dive into the vast ocean of blogging.

Do I really want a blogging site?

Do I really care about this topic?

Is the other person visiting my blog on the same page as me? If not, then how do we be on the same page?

If you are able to answer some of the question then you would be a great blogger in future.

As updated in the very beginning you need to have a particular niche.

You need to make sure why you have chosen this particular topic.

One way of choosing a particular topic is by answering yourself the following questions. These are not sure shot questions but these are general question that one should ask himself. In this case that would be you.

What is your interest?

What is your dream?

Do you have a hobby?

What is your detailed value?

What is one achievement of yours that you are proud of?

In addition to the above question one important question one should ask himself is.

How to know that my Niche is of business value or not?

To keep an updated watch on the niche we will have to religiously follow the task of checking the niches on the internet.

-Check for keyword planners , get the search volume, check the location target, check Google trends, is the product of physical or a digital, check the demand and supply, check your competitors website, check leading forums, check message boards or simply ask the question on question forums and analyse the answers to that question.

Everyone has a Social Media account, check to see what is trending. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit ..etc are a great place to know.

Even if you do not hold social media account check AD’s that pop up on any webpage that you visit this will give you a vague idea what people are trying to sell and what is trending in the market.

As a professional blogger you would be tempted to know how do people actually know about keywords that work. My dear friend don’t worry I would guide you in the process of knowing those keywords that would make your life a lot better.

You can search keywords on these websites listed below-

· SEMRush

· KWfinder

· Alexa

· Ubersuggest

· BingKeywordsResearch

· Twinword Ides

· Moz

· Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

· Google Keyword Planner

· GrowthBar

· Longtail Pro

· Serstats

· Keywordtool

· SpuFu

All of the above and much more are available on the internet both free and paid version. All of them have almost the same thing that you need to look for. I will tell you what you need to look for if you are a beginner make sure that the keyword have at least 2000 to 10000 per month visits.

And make sure that the keyword that is used is related to your particular Niche.

5. Web Site Design

Remember when going to a mall where there is multiple Store with fancy windows displaying their product. You will love to go to a store which is pleasing to the eye.

The same logic applies to your website as well. This is your Store. To know more on designing it click here.

6.Hit the Publish Button Now

Before you publish your blog, always double check what you have written. This proof reading or checking your written content is very important for the success of your Niche.

Just as you give an exam the same way this is an examination for you all. Make sure you have not missed out on any point.

First check the format, is it presentable?

Make sure you are using the correct font they are of the right color.

Check Images if they are of the same dimension as required on that template. Do you know that more than 90% of the blog get more views and traffic as compared to the ones that have none? This proves the statement that I mentioned earlier that beautiful pages get better traffic.

If you have any problems getting the right pictures. You can always utilize free resources provided by some of the very best websites on the internet. These websites provide royalty free images which you can use on your blogs. Some of these websites are pixels, unsplash ,Wikimedia commons etc..


web promotion

Now that you have the written content and published on your website. It’s time to get some traffic.

But how do you get the traffic?

There are two types of traffic available one organic and the other is paid promotion.

We will talk about organic traffic, these are not paid for.

How to get maximum traffic without even spending a single penny?

How do we get the visitors to your website?

As mentioned earlier everybody has a social media account. Use this account to your advantage. If you are a Google user, you would certainly have a Google account. Use this account to your advantage as an example if you use Gmail.

You have access to all the other Gmail programs. This allows you to have access to social platform like Facebook, Reddit ,Quora, Answers, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… etc

Let’s talk about Facebook – this platform has proved since its Inception that it is a very good source of organic traffic. You can have your personal Facebook page where you can promote about your blog. You can join groups that have the same interest as yours. You can always join multiple groups which have access granted to the general public.

In addition to joining groups you can target country-specific groups i.e by searching groups in your country like US group, UK Group, AUS group. Join all the groups that you can and wait for their Admin to give you access. Make sure when you join them, not to break any Group rules. Else you would be chucked out.

You can provide Valuable information to users in that group, this will raise your status and trust worthiness. Over time you can provide them solutions so as to generate awareness and then guide them to your blog.

Reddit– Another major source of organic traffic is this platform. Though it has a much stricter rule compared to the others, it is still considered to be among the best. Why do we say the best? The one and only reason people often move from one platform to other is because of their page being filled with unwanted Ads that they don’t want to view.

These websites provide you a platform or might we say it provide you a page that is add free. People come here and talk about what they like dislike. This is the kind of audience you want for your blog. These users on these websites are very serious about their interest.

It is not very common to publish links as it does not allow it if you are a new user. However it has been proven time and again that there are loopholes that people exploit. This loophole will allow you to have access to them.

These loopholes can only be explained only when you create and account and start to use the platform.

Quora– This is a platform for all. It has a tremendous amount of user base. People login in this platform and provide solutions to other people’s problem. You can get the users to your particular link or you can direct them to your link which will provide them solution to the problem. This link is going to be your bloggers link.

Not only the person to whose query you would be answering but to all the other who come to this page looking for solution will have access to your blogging site. Imagine the number of traffic you can generate from here.

Twitter – Most people have a Twitter account. If you don’t have one I recommend you to have one made right away. It is a great platform for the right minded people to come in and collaborate. Twitter allows you to share both pictures and links.

If you are comfortable with sharing pictures post then you can add it from your PC or Mobile. Even if you do not possess this skill of posting the right pictures you can simply comment on the trending topics related to your niche.

Instagram – Instagram is another platform where in you can share pictures and simply have fun while creating photos videos and messages with friends and families. Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook. You can login to Instagram using your Facebook account.

You can create and share your photo story and videos with your followers that would join you once you provide them some information which is beneficial for them. There are multiple ways to increase your fan base. You can check the internet, it is flooded with guide on how to increase the fan base.

Pinterest– An American based company pinterest, works more or less like Instagram. There is not much of a difference between the two. Both Instagram and Pinterest are public domains which you can join for free.

Now let’s talk a little about Paid promotion.

Paid Promotion– Paid promotion as the name suggest, you will have to spend in order to get traffic. Though you are paying for the traffic, you have a very good chance of getting the correct audience for the blog.

With Paid traffic, you can choose a variety of categories and sub categories. Like choosing the age group , gender , location.. This will help you dramatically eliminate the ones that you do not need.

Further segregation is possible if your advertiser allows you to choose the number of persons who have made a purchase online in the last month or week. It can narrow down to how likely people are ready to buy a product i.e the frequency with which one purchases online.