This is the right time if you want to make money online. Their have been more millionaire than ever before because of the online industry. So if you have not started, read how to start a blog and then you would have a fair idea how simple it can be. 

You can make $500 per day doing simple task. Keep reading to know how?

Have you ever thought that you too can make ton of money by simply doing task and serious work online. If so and have not found any useful guide or have found but it seemed to complicated. Then we will try and make it as simple as possible and even provide you links.

Here you can go and do simple task to earn money right away.

1. You build your Online business

Making money online can be done in many ways. This can be through advertising on the website. The more the traffic your websites has the better the pay you get. By promoting affiliate products and earning commission.

The only drawback in this is that you have to make the initial investment of setting up the website finding content and then promoting it .All this is simply explained in how to start a blog.

Once you have gone through it you will get an idea on what kind of niche to choose, how to design your website, which can do wonders. Which SEO to choose and how to grow and rank .What are the ever green topics that never fade with the passing of time.

You will get to know about the tools that you need to choose for the right approach.

Even a glimpse into which advertiser to choose and which to avoid at times. Which are big pay master on the internet.

2. Don't own any website but have skills.

If you don’t own any business its ok. We can still make money and that to a very generous amount of it.

The key here is to work on any skill that you have or have attained over a period or time. You can utilize that knowledge to earn money working as a freelancers.

Even if you have no skill you can still make money but are creative enough this is not the end of the world the internet has opened its arms for each and every one of us to make money online.

Following is a list of 7 website you can go to . 



Digital Marketing ,web development, social media platform. It has a a very large database of work profile and suitable for beginner and pros both. As payment can be charged on the complexity of work. 



This platform is to the top level freelancers as only software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers in the world work and get paid. It has a very hard and extensive screening process.



As the name suggest you can get work as a freelance here and get paid. This is also suitable to both begginers and pros. As payment depends on the complexity of work. 


4. Linkedin

This is world famous and renowned name every one is familiar with. You can find work in any field and as it is a social networking site, you connect with professionals fast.



This site  helps to connect freelancers with their desired company. Both can work efficiently on the quotes decided. The system gives you job based on your profile (skill set).



This Site helps you to work as a Virtual Assistant and help company complete their projects. This site is not only for Pros but suitable to Newbie, as it has job for every one starting from beginner level jobs. 

Such as Data Entry, Customer Service, Typing and Writing, online Research, Envelope Filling, Social Media Management, Surveys, Product testing.


7.Paid online Writing jobs

If you are new to the world of writing ,then you need to start at the right place and level. That is where this site comes handy. Choose your level and get paid to write from home.

You could be writing for Blog Post, Wix Content ,Amazon Assistant,Content writer for Medium,Writing Greeting Card,Shopify Writer,Twitter Assistant,Upwork Writer, Caption Writer,Story and Script writer for Tik Tok etc.

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8. Live Chat Job

Would you not like to be paid good money for answering simple queries, sending information, and passing on discount coupons. The work is simple and enjoyable, and the payment is weekly. So you enjoy a wonderful work-life balance while having enough money to enjoy the good life.

To know more on how it works click here.


3. Don't own any website and have no skills.

What did I tell you in the beginning, the internet is wide open for every one to make money. 


You can earn up to $500 per day. 

Yes that is right.


Just keep on reading and you will find the answers. Even if you do not own any web site and have now specials skills then still you can make money online.

Listed below are some of the ways and a few website list.


1. Infulencers

People often forget that everything sells and it is a matter of what and how you present stuff to your audience.

Influencers here can be from any social media be it Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik-Tok ,Twitter or any other platform.

I will take an example of Instagram – If you have an account and have been posting regularly on certain topic and have a great followers but do not know how to convert them into cash. 

Simply post on your bio that for certain amount of money you can promote their link or product on your profile. You can even DM new user and then them of the service you provide and if the feel great with the negotiation you have your customer and money set.

If you use you tube create a channel and their are so many niche to work on. Work on any of the niche and success will surely be at your feet.

2. Paid Survey

Taking surveys is an easy way to make money fast, with the  option you can choose to do anytime you like. There is no qualification that you require. All you need to have is an internet connection and a device to access their app to fill the forms.

There are various company which offer good money just for taking their  online forms.


1.Branded Survey

This is available in the US and Canada. 


This is available in US, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, Spain, Portugal, UK.

3.Survey Junkie

This is available in the US, Canada and Australia


This is available in US, Canada, UK, and 41 other countries around the world


This is available Worldwide.



3. Paying Social Media Jobs

If you have a social media account then this is just the right tools that you need to make money online. Using Paying Social Media Jobs correctly you can earn big.

You can make a very good amount of money by just posting ,sharing, uploading, managing ,reviewing, tagging, reading, ordering, texting , unboxing , watching, playing online games, commenting, searching, scrolling on Social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit , YouTube, Tumblr, Discord ,Telegram , Tik Tok etc.

The best part is you do not need to have experience and upon signing the best social media job is selected for you.

If you are stuck with question like –

Who is this for?, How it Works, Types of Media Jobs, How much you can make and want the SECRET OF SUCCESS. 

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4. Write App Review

Get paid for writing simple Reviews. The market is very big and all companies need help promoting their products. So you could be looking yourself writing great reviews for Big Companies in different categories such as :

Games , Apps , Movies , Books ,Software ,Physical products.

Yes companies pay you to play Video Games these can be on mobile or PC, ask your reviews on Apps that they sent you. They pay you for watching movies and reading books or article using software.

They even ship out physical product just to know your opinion on it. You use the product and give your honest review.