top free seo tools


If you are starting with blog or are setting any website of you like and don’t know how to go about SEO tools. Look no further. Listed below are the top free SEO tools you will ever need to have and ranks really fast if used wisely.

Lets not waste time and start to see the listed , these are ranked randomly.

1. Ahrefs Webmaster tool

Ahrefs webmaster

If you need to check really good software then this is the place to start with. Ahrefs webmaster will pull up data for you in an instant . You would be in a better postion to see who is linking to your website and check the SEO health as well. Also see all your keyword that are bring in the traffic to your site.

2. Free Keyword Generator

Free Keyword Generator

You can search keyword all day long and still be amazed what a great tool this is . You can check for phrases that match or have the same term. It analyzes and tells the ranks of the keyword with search suggestions.

You could search for long tail keyword and from th edrop down check for word that are easy to rank for.
the graphic presentation will give a visual view of the overall difficulty.

3.Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

If you use google ads then you would be familiar with google keyword planner. This is a Google Ads search engine. It helps user to search for keywords that user can post their ads to. As Google g=has the largest database so there is no doubt on the working on the keyword tool results. If you have google account then go ahead right now to check it.

4. Keyworddit


If you use reddit then you know how many subreddits a particular topic has. Well what are sub topics…. good ?…..they are keywords (long tail keyword). People are looking and joining forum to look for answers.So reddit got the idea of this keyworddit to help with the SEO and find all the keyword relating and the volume of search it has.

5. Rank Math

Rank Math

According to data about 80% of the bloggers use wordpress and it is no science that they have not used their themes or pluggins. Rank Maths is one of the most sought after in this .Imagine a tool which does most of your work.

6. Semrush


Another excellent SEO tool for any successful blogger. The tool is fantastic and works so well that you’ll never want to leave it once you’ve mastered it. The data is excellent, and their Keyword Magic tools will reveal key phrases for which you had no idea you could rank. Not only that, but it has data to compare with your competitors to determine what you need to work on.

7. Moz


Moz offer a variety flavour all bundle under its Free SEO tools menu. Just have a look .It contains all the flavour needed to prepare a great recipe for success.Any new blogger would be happy to use these tool and write and tank if used wisely.

8. Spyfu


If you are looking to get more data all bundle in one look no further.This will not only provide you info on the keyword searched but it gives you an insight into what the competitor are ranking for. Advertisers can you this tool to a great advantage. It shows data relating to who lost how many positions and who gained position. Not to forget all the other basic info that a great SEO tool needs to have.

9. Screaming Frog

Screaming frog

Screaminf frog is and SEO crawler and it will let you crawl about 500 urls for free and give you in details all the SEO problem it may have.From broken urls ,backlinks ,text anchors,redirects,follow ,no follow etc. This is a great desktop tool to have if you are serious enough to learn and implement it.

10. Google Trend

Google Trend

This free tools is often missed by the most experienced of users, It is completely free and all the data are from Google itself. You can freely check and choose the specific country and not only that it can further dive down into the city and states.

It lets you know what is trending so you can choose you keywords on blogging more wisely.

11. Google


We have been using this tool from the very beginning and seem to forget that this is in itself a keyword tool that can be highly used to get the information we are looking for just by checking.To know how to simply use google search console to research keyword jump right to this link and read all about it How do I Stand out in this crowd?.