Web Site Design

Once you get your web hosting and domain name registered you need to have a great Web Site Design. It is like going to a mall where there is multiple Store with fancy windows displaying their product. You will love to go a store which is pleasing to the eye. The same logic applies to your website as well. This is your Store.

If you know programming or coding you would be in a better position to create it and design beautiful website.

For those who have no idea about coding need not be disheartened.

We have many free beautiful, appealing templates to choose from which requires zero coding. These template are freely available on the internet.

Using WordPress for a Great Design

WordPress is one of the great leader in this field. Templates are easy to use as per your particular chosen topic.

For better understanding about WordPress you can simply check the website. It contains the steps that one needs to follow to get going. You need to make sure while setting up your web page that it has all the needed plugins with a great theme.

Understanding themes for a great looking website

Choosing a good theme can a daunting task at first as one needs to be sure that the theme he is choosing will cater to his kind of needs.

How will the page look and what all he can enter and where.

But you need not worry as explained earlier wordpress is the leader and quiet sure it has free theme that you can use and check how it will look at first.

You can check the tutorials on the basic layout to have a functional site and work up from their.

You can check these tutorials as a guide to help you in this program.

Understanding plugins for a great Web Site Design

Plugins is nothing more then an additional switch that connects to your web page and gives it additional functions which otherwise you would have to manually enter using the programming language.

We will look at some much more plugin in a few seconds. The motive here is to get is a functional web page that would be easy to rank. These plugins will help you achieve our goal.

Some of these plugins are for free while others are paid with full functionality.

Yoast Seo – In Yoast SEO you can enter the keyword or key phrase you would like your post or page to rank for in the search results. We then run a check on your content to check whether you’re using the keywords often enough or not.

WP forms– This is the most user-friendly contact form plugin .This login helps your fan following to contact you. It is a very simple drag and drop form. With a few clicks you will be able to perform the task. This form can be very beneficial for some party that might want to offer you some sweet deals as well like for promoting their products on your page.

MonsterInsight- Monster Insight is the most popular analytics dashboard for wordpress. This plugin will help you to have an in-depth analysis of all that one can ask for .No need for Professional help. With it’s simple to use dash board you can be guided to know, Who is visiting you and from where? What is the traffic source .Which page is being visited most?

This will help you in overall conversion of your sales, as you would have a bird’s eye view and know where you need to put your efforts to promote and convert those lead into sales.

WP Rocket – Another plugin tool to help you rank better. This would increase access of wordpress page. Most people return back from a website because it does not load fast enough. This particular plugin will help to load the page much faster and rank in the SEO as well. Users like page to load fast and quick so that they can view what they want without wasting time.

Headers and Footers – Most people forget the importance of a header and footer slogan. This particular plugins is also very important because when websites are crawled for ranking it takes into consideration whether the webpage has a header and footer or not. This increases your chance of ranking much better in Google search engine.

Updraft Plus – Have you ever lost a very important email, note, text ,file etc. If yes then you need to have this popular updraft plus plugin. Why am I saying this? Because it helps to backup your files and also helps in restoration. It is one of the world’s highest ranking scheduled backup login. As all the files are backed up into the cloud and it can be restored back with a simple click. You don’t need to worry about any coding.

Your Website URL– While Creating your web page you need to make sure, what the website link looks like? You need to check the settings and make sure that your website has www.example.com instead of a simple //example.com.

Fonts – Make sure you have attractive font. Don’t choose cryptic fonts if it is not related to something to scare the users. Chose soothing and pleasing fonts.

Title Formats– Take care of all the heading, subheadings. All of them need to be categorized evenly and the spacing should be done properly.

Color– The color of your font is also very important. If you use red font all over your web page just imagine what the web page would look like. Hence you need to make the correct choices in choosing the font color.

Hyperlinks– One important thing that bloggers at times miss out is using and appropriate link. Make sure that’s you link all the important points to their destination. Hyperlink leading to different web page would dramatically lower the User experience and lower your chances of generating a good revenue.

Images – Web pages with beautiful images stand a higher chance of being visited. People get attracted more too beautiful visual content and then go ahead about reading it. Make sure the images you chose are of the correct dimensions.

You can check these tutorials as a guide to help you in this program.

However it should be noted that if your webpage is about technical terms and jargons, then the case would be a little different. Why? Let’s see.. because people would be much more interested in reading a topic then staring at the picture.

Once all is said and done , now you need to promote your content and present it to the world.