When you talk of making channel most people get stuck at what the niches to choose from for their channels. These Youtube Channel Ideas will rock and you will succeed if you work hard and consistently on it.The average annual pay for a Youtube Channel in the United States is $60,364 a year.

Here is a list of the most promising YouTube channels . These 50 Channels will help you get going and if you want more on how to be an expert at creating or editing video we have a different series of articles that you can go to.

1. Unboxing-

People can choose to review any product that they desire and as people say go for a product that you are good at that you have mastery over .Well I have a different view. Choose a Product that pays you a high commission. No need to worry about creating,Just look for what sells and start unboxing and give honest review about it. You can give link to amazon product in the description to generate addition income.

2. Tech & Gadgets Reviews-

Another great way to build up audience is in the filled of technology. It can be any technology as long as you have correct specifications and data no one can beat you at your game. We have people making tons of fan following just reviewing on mobiles that come out every month and they just link to the affiliates product to get commission. You can give link to amazon product in the description to generate addition income.

3. Life Hacks –

Another great viewing channel on YouTube and ever green which everyone follows be it young or old. Simple life hacks are a great run in the video industry. People who watch one video are bond to watch another as long as it is useful. So make sure if you are a creator be sure to hand your subscribes videos that will be helpful and not some lame video just for the sake of it.

4. Best of –

This channel never misses to amaze me or the youtube algorithm.Any best of video be it comedy,entertainment,technology, health, games,monuments…anything thing. Is a show stopper.You can do tons of video and all of them are a sure hit to get views.

5. Fail Compilations-

I am sure you must have watched these video with so much anticipation that you could not resist on the next scene that would come up.

Now here is the chance you know that every one would like, why not make video and get those views and fan following build up for the future.

6. Health and Fitness-

Health and fitness is on the mind of every one. People suffer and need guidance and tips to be healthy which draw a lot of watch time.You can give advice on products and feedbacks on the product that you like to promote.You can give link to amazon product in the description to generate addition income.

7. World of Local News-

People miss out often on local power and aim for international goals.Remember this that news which is local will always finds it target audience.Selling them is more easier as you have greater hold on them.Ever though of the local sales that you can go to.

8. Celeb Gossip-

If you are on any platform of social media you know what drives traffic. Yes my friend you hit the nail on the head.These celeb are giant magnets which have the power to attract.Any news Gossip on them is sure the get tons of views.No matter how big or small the news is.

9.Food and Restaurant-

Have you ever taken out your phone to check the best restaurant to have your favourite meal or check when on a tour where you can get your favourite meal. People often check this before heading out.I know a dozen who my friends who change their touring destination just because they got a better review on food on a youtube channel.

10. Cooking Ideas-

Everyone loves to eat, but to get that food we got to have food that someone cooks. People love to cook and for dome its more than just about eating. They are creative and skill full. I have baked many a cookies and thanks giving turnkey watching these amazing videos.

11. Kitchen Hacks –

Guys if you have been living alone these hacks a haven foe all of us. Raise your hands if you have not used any of these hacks in your life.Boy many have posted and so many have benefited, and that what makes a great video and sells.

12. How to create Videos-

Video Editing is on the rise and in the coming year this is the biggest source of providing stable platform for editors. As more and more people are looking for video editors who can give them better loving and good looking video. All videos would be outsourced for editing and giving them tips on editing is just what we need.

13. Prank & Spoof-

How many times have you seen pranks being played by friend, family and friends. See you don’t need a star crew. It just plain old simple recipe of stupidity that works and once you have a loyal audience they will always be wanting for more.

14. MakeUp & Beauty-

Every women and men now spend a lot on thier looks. So waste no time and start creating awesome videos and upload them fast.They get an instant reply and boost up the view count.Tons of products can be promoted for up selling. A huge untapped market in some local market.

15. Comic & Superhero-

Are you a Marvel Or a DC Comic fan? .This is just the tip of the ice Berger. These are so many of them and even local super heros and you can tap on your local heros as well. Tons of fan following , number of merch to sell. Potential in unlimited, you just need to let your mind free.

16. Travel Vlogging-

Those who travel a lot like to share thier experiences.This is meant for serious out goers. People who like to visit distant and new places love to post and share thier experiences.You could be one of them.Helping other to decide to go to that place or not.You could be their guide.

17. Dash & Security Camera-

You might have seen a lot of video where people post in videos from dash cam..especially that of accidents. Security cameras also capture a lot of activity which when later viewed show the reality.These video

18. Comedy-

This niche will never lose it flavour. Every body needs a good laugh. No matter how busy or hectic your day is.No matter how high or low you are.These videos will always find there ways as you will have friends that are bound the share them.So you can just guess the amount of views these videos gather.

19. Fashion and Lifestyle-

Never fading but constantly changing as fashion trends change like the changing season so one needs to be very thorough with what the industry is working on for the new look.But if you get it right and your source for the videos are correct , no one can stop you.You can give link to amazon product in the description to generate addition income.

20. Hair care and Hairstyle-

This is very specific nieche. People will do any thing to have a great hair style. So just image the potential you have here. Right, think of not only what you can upload but what you can sell. You can have multiple source of income pouring from the same source.

21. City Tours –

London, Paris , Venice, Amsterdam, New York etc. You name it and be the personal tour that people can go out and hang out. Provide them hidden location information which people seldom overlook tell them story that will help them glued to the screen.

22. Horror Video –

The Exorcist,Evil Death, The Conjuring etc.. to name a few. I am already getting the shiver. If you like them you can be a great story teller. Not only this many paranormal activity video have shot through the roof in quiet a very short time.You could be one of those or be a debunker the choice is yours.

23. Sports-

You know how much people watch NFL,NBA,Baseball,Football… The list is endless. You could depending which sports you are interested in make the sporting fans experience go on a new high. Provide them latest updates on the upcoming events , the possible result of analysis and much more.

24. Parody-

So many have made a carrier out of this. You could be that person. Make simple yet effective changes and give a new twist to the old content. This will be all together for people with new idea that look for something new.

25. Trailer & Movie Reaction-

Hpw many time have you checked movie reviews beofre heading out to buy the tickets. Right you could be that guy that reviews and an honest review goes a long ways.

26. DIY crafts-

If you have a skill then you can showcase and make great video. Record what you are making and help the viewer to make them. Edit and post your video. Their are many people who love to do the same as you. They will be your loyal audience.

27. Sketching Tutorials-

Do you have a flare for drawing. This does not involve lot on investment but turn out to be a huge audience gatherer. You could sketch out and show case your talent. At time taking on demands and then sell your product as well.

28. Music Tutorials-

Which instrument do you play? Did it occur that if some one had taught you in a more simpler or easier way that you could have learned faster and even better. Well then wait no more let your talent out make video guiding people how to play certain instrument. If you are starting out post videos and later collect them to make a series

to be sold as an package. Killing 2 birds with a single stone.

29. Dance Tutorials-

Salsa,Zumba, Ballroom,Hip Hop, Jazz.. So many of them. You could be an online teacher guiding your student on how to perform and act. How to do certain twist and turns.

30. Baby Videos-

Funny baby video or just simply baby video are always bound to get a reaction. No matter what the content they manage to drive a decent amount of traffic and at times some of the tend to go viral.

31. Pets and Animals –

Dog lover, Cat lover or any other pets drive a lot of traffic. You can post video on how to take care of the animals or at time you can post video that are funny so that the audience is kept captured all the time. Tell your audience of the problems and how to solve them.

32. Investing Tutorials-

If you have information or have been investing and are certified, then you should go ahead and give investing tutorials. People are always looking on ways to save their investment. Some are looking to multiple it with min risk. You being the expert can give them advice on how to go ahead.

33. Cars and Bike-

From A-Z everything can be covered here, this is a vast area to cover. So if required you can sub categories this a pick on any one and provide on information which will be useful for the audience.

34. Gaming Tutorials-

Cheat Codes, short cuts, extra power, hidden passage you know it all and have played it. Now its time you share it with others and get the channel growing.

35. Viral Challenges-

Remember those challenges that your friends ask you to do.Well you could be posting just doing that and gather reviews and

36. Educational Videos-

You could be a tutor and give lecture on your specific subject and give answers to the problems kids face or you could give your audience chapter wise and subject wise knowledge. Depending on what or how high the studies are you could have closed special group for better understanding.

37. Yoga Video-

With the rise in hectic life style people are opting for ways to relax their body mind and soul. Their is no better alternative than a good yoga. If you are a certified trainer or have been practising Yoga for a good amount of time and have the ability to teach.This is just right for You.

38. Free Tools –

Have you ever paid for annual or subscription fee to use certain online products and have been searching to give solution to the people. This can be a great platform .

Don’t forget to check free platform or an alternative to some of the famous products that you may have been using.These have been around but because they are free people some time don’t take it seriously. But remember there are great software that is being used in mass scale industry production.

39. Animated Stories-

People love animated stories. You could create your own story line or create your own version of the popular stories with some twist and turn. Even new comers are welcomed with open arms and a channel will certainly do good.

40. Daily Vlogging-

You could post daily of what you do .There are so many who just post everything,but that is not the case. You need to post quality content. If you post scripted content then make sure they look real and not as if it is acted out. Because life is boring and people look for the extra spice in others life.

41. Motivational Video-

Motivational Video do good and Motivation song get a lot of views. Motivation speeches, are a great source .Their are so many motivation speaker that you see and they have million of followers .The same audience can be built .It make take a bit of time but once an audience is built.There is nothing like it.

42. Gardening Tips-

Gardening as a hobby is a billion dollar industry.Be it any where in the world every gardener face the same problem that you have here. It just a bit of tinkering that needs and a bit of assistant that help a lot. Lot of gardening Channel which my friends run are doing great.So I can couch that you can do the same if you love gardening. This love shows up in your videos and people love the enthusiasm that you put forward.You can give link to amazon product in the description to generate addition income.

43. Lifestyle Tips –

Do these strike a chord-

Well if it does then you are all setup and good to go. You can talk about so much more on every video and provide quality message.People opting for Vegan life style etc.

44. Magic Tricks-

Do you know any great magician?Well I am not talking of the Great Master Houdini , but modern great magicians who have been capturing their every act from the the every beginning.The started of small and are now big Las Vegas showstopper. You can be that too. Record your every act. Suprise a crowd capture their reaction.

45. Destruction Videos-

These can be any type of destruction.It is all upon you what all you can capture and how interesting you put you caption to be.Everything sells from crushing of egg to explosion of a building.

46. Book Reviews-

If you are a book worm then kudos.Their is nothing like a book review.Every great millionaire has and recommended books as their one source of energy for their success.Books have the power to change life. You can be the guide that helps decide the people if they are going to like it or not use amazon program links to generate income.

47. Advertising Tips-

If you can sell you will be the master of the market. You can make videos telling people what to put out and which platform to use.Every one has a product but they lack the advertising skill.You can be that bridge and help run the channel.

48. Healthy Food Source-

People may say how am I going to run this channel their is not many content that I can post.Well lets put it this way do you know the benefits of avocado? If yes name it tells its merit and how this fruit can help in various ways.Their you go and how many fruits are their?How may vegetables?How many source and what quantity…. so on and on.

49. Product Testing-

Product testing can be both online and physically. Product test for application will always be online and for product that are physical .You would use it and give your feedback about it.You can give link to amazon product in the description to generate addition income.

50. Drone Video-

These videos are doing there fair bit.Lots of people are looking for awesome drone videos. People are making a carrier out of it .So can you. So if you own one put it to good use.

We have now various website that provide them assistance for their effort that they have up.

These are some of the Youtube Channel Ideas you can use. Don’t wait if you picked one start right now.